Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Trial lesson

The trial lesson is €2 and lasts about 20 minutes. The student is under absolutely no obligation to take any more lessons after the trial lesson. Not all requests for a trial lesson can be fulfilled and a full refund will be given when no time can be agreed upon.

Payment and Cancellations

Full payment must be made before the start of the lesson. A time must be agreed by both parties before payment is sent. If the student wants to cancel a lesson for whatever reason he/she will receive a full refund only if cancellations is done 24 hours before the agreed start time of the class. If cancelled within 24 hours before the start of the class no refunds will be available.

Time Changes

If the student wants to change the time of any class, 24 hour notice must be given. This depends on the teacher’s flexibility for that week. If a time cannot be found within the same week the payment related to that class will be either used for the next week or a refund will be given.

If the student wants to change the class within 24 hours (within the same week), this depends on the teacher’s flexibility, but if no slot can be found, a refund can’t be given.

Blocks of Lessons

If a block of 5 lessons are booked, these lessons must be taken within a 6 week period. If a block of 10 lessons are booked, they must be taken within a 12 week period (minus any holidays that the teacher takes).

Holidays and Sick Days – Teacher

Holidays will be known in advance. For whatever reason the teacher is not able to make the lesson, the payment sent may be used to schedule a future class. If the student would prefer a refund will be given.