Italian lesson at “Orto Botanico”



I am Valeria, I teach Italian as a second language, you can find some more info about me here .

Are you spending your holidays in Cagliari and would like to practice your Italian? Great!

Take the opportunity to learn and practice Italian language with me at the “Orto botanico“, one of the most beautiful place of the city!

Here is the program:

  • 1,5 h. Italian lesson at the bar.

We will have a coffee (or anything you would like to order) at “Caffè Letterario“, that is a characteristic cafè located in the city centre, with reading room, a lot of books and very kind staff!

There we will learn phrases and structures you will put into practice at the “Orto botanico”.

  • 1,5 h. Italian activity at the “Orto botanico”, where you will put to the proof your Italian skills while enjoying the lush vegetation!


The price for 3 hrs.lesson is 50€  (your order at the cafè and ticket for the “Orto botanico” included).

Want to know more?

Contact me here  or send me an e-mail at: and let’s spend a great day together!

The Lonely Planet describes the “Orto botanico” as follows:

Established in 1858, the Orto Botanico is one of Italy’s most famous botanical gardens. Today it extends over 5 hectares and nurtures 2000 species of flora. Leafy arches lead to trickling fountains and gardens bristling with palm trees, cacti and ficus trees with huge snaking roots. Specimens from as far afield as Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas sidle up to the local carob trees and oaks. Littering the gardens are a Punic cistern, a Roman quarry and an aqueduct.

Since images speaks louder than words, these are some picture I’ve taken for you…





What more can I say?

Well… I can also add, that it is the most peacefully, fresh and relaxing site of Cagliari, where you will find nature and history in the same place. Not bad, isn’t it?

Let’s improve Italian!

A presto,