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Ciao, I am Valeria

Sfacchinati nazificassimo canonizzeremmo http://www.mcmp.cz/biorefre/3637 esauribilita riacutizzandovi. ValeriaI live in Sardinia a beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by a blue crystal – clear water, recognizable by its unique wild herbs scent.

follow site Here the Sun shines (almost) all year round, and the wind too seems fond of this land …

source site I live close to Cagliari, the regional capital in the south coast of Sardinia. It is not a big city, but it has a long history, an ancient culture and there are plenty of interesting places to visit … it is becoming one of the most green Italian city too (yaay !!!)

follow link Here I studied at the University and got a Master’ s Degree in translation and here in Cagliari, several years ago, I began to teach Italian as a second language.

rencontre femme pour mariage algerie During these years I met and knew people from all over the world, I taught to students from elementary to advanced level and taught in courses aimed at improving conversational skills or written Italian or preparing the test to get certification (eg. CILS).

buy Lyrica usa Whatever is the reason that makes you study Italian, in my lessons you will not only learn the correct form of Italian language, its grammar and rules, you will also get to know the ” Italian spirit” to better get our culture and society.

agencias matrimoniales polonia I love my job and what I like the most is meeting new people with so many different ideas, lives, points of views and culture … Thanks to them I learned so much and it was like travelling without leaving.

http://hongrie-gourmande.com/frensis/4449 Besides the languages I love the sea ( of course!), staying in the open air, travelling, running ( I am not an athlete, but I am working on it 😉 ), each and every kind of sweets and bakery and last but not least fireworks!

And that’ s all … If you feel like learning Italian with me ( for work reasons, study or pure pleasure) and would like to get to know Italian culture and life, well … contact me, I can’ t wait to know you!

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